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Survival Courses

survival outdoor, profesional and experiences instructros 

Group Survival Courses

Team Survival Courseslarge na dsmall groups, intensive an =d fucosed, one on one, cubs, scouts, kids, families and youth groups survival skill,s knowledge and resources, camp craft, fire management, natural shelter, bespoke, outdoot doutdoot basic survival course, outdoor survival trainmg, school school school, all abilities

Which Course?

1 Day

Experienced Needed


Survival Experience Day

This course is suitable for large groups for corporate leadership and team building days or school children, or cub scouts on fun days. All of the core topics are covered including fire, shelter, rescue, water, and food. Members will be confident that they have gained ample survival skills and knowledge to out-survive their peers.

2 Days

Experienced Needed


Emergency Survival Training

This course caters for those who wish to be confident that they can survive the all-important first 48 hours of an emergency survival situation and is most suited more hardcore team building, scouts, families, and those who work in remote areas. Core topics are explored in more depth with additional material covering signals, navigation and more advanced foraging. Often run as a survival weekend, this course gives each member the confidence and expertise to survival t

3 Days

Experienced Needed


Basic Wilderness Survival Course

This popular course begins with the core principles or survival and how they apply in different climates and ...?.  It ... survival skills, communication, situational awareness, resource , traps and snares, extensive foragining, first aid, enviroments

3 to 4 Days

Experienced Needed


Basic to Advanced Conversion

For those who have already completed a Basic survival course, we offer a conversion course

4 to 6 Days

Experienced Needed


Advanced Survival Course

psychology, mindset, planning anbd decision making natural navigation, friction fire, medical/health heigene

7 to 9 Days

Experienced Needed


Extreme Survival Course

This is the ultimate survival experience. It's not only a course but a survival challenge. Heavily weighted towards scenario training imersive, stranded

What's Covered?

Set Courses

These give you a broad spectrum of knowledge and skills and equip you to tackle the majority of emergency situations. Introduction to Advanced level courses run from one to five days and require no prior experience. Extreme isolation and challenging location courses require advanced expertise before being attempted.

Bespoke Courses

If you have special requirements for an expedition, working place, location, or with specific combinations of skills, then these courses are tailored to you. We can marry survival with first aid training, additional wild food, navigation or emergency planning. If you have a challenge in mind and a series of criteria to be met we meet them.

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