We Teach You to Survive

Crucial survival is a unique wilderness survival training company offering set and bespoke survival courses thought the UK. We focus on knowledge and skills. We build expertise through experience, practice and the understanding of teaching and training methodology driving actual results. You will have hands on tuition, technical know-how and immersive scenario based training giving you the capability, confidence and clarity to meet emergencies head on.

Hikers & Trekking

Media Operatives

Adventure Sports

Outdoor Workers

Aid Organisations

Armed Forces

Why Take a Survival Course?

Do you want to feel safer, confident and more prepared? Do you want to learn new and potentially life saving skills? Are you motivated by personal development? Do you want to learn the value of leadership, teamwork and camaraderie? All of our courses offer these qualities and more for people who live, work or enjoy the outdoors and want to be better prepared for emergency survival situations.

Set Courses

These give you a broad spectrum of knowledge and skills and equip you to tackle the majority of emergency situations. Introduction to Advanced level courses run from one to five days and require no prior experience. Extreme isolation and challenging location courses require advanced expertise before being attempted.

Bespoke Courses

If you have special requirements for an expedition, working place, location, or with specific combinations of skills, then these courses are tailored to you. We can marry survival with first aid training, additional wild food, navigation or emergency planning. If you have a challenge in mind and a series of criteria to be met we meet them.

Steve Marvell

Lead Instructor


  • Wilderness Survival

  • Sea Survival

  • Command & Control

  • Search and Rescue

  • Remote Medical

Over 15 years voluntary

operational experience

Wilderness Survival

Disaster Response

Wild Food

Medical Skills

Emergency Preparedness

Hostile Environments

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